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Your Views about Tunisia!
Tunisia is an African popular country, many of the people had visited the country around me, and also have suggested me to explore the place. There are a lot of the beautiful places i'm sure there to visit. The capital; of the city is Tunis, and i have heard a lot about the city. I'm sure that i will enjoy myself so much if ever i'll get the chance to explore the country. Would you guys will like to share your views about the country with me?
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Food You should taste in Mexico during your visit
Here is the list of foods you should taste during your visit in Mexico

# Chilaquiles

# Tacos al pastor

# Tostadas

# Chiles en nogada

# Elote

# Enchiladas

# Mole

# Guacamole

# Tamales
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What is your view about Jordan ?
The gem of Jordanian tourism is Petra, an entire city carved out of a stone canyon hidden in the southern desert, estimated to have been built in the 6th century BC by the Nabateans, an ancient Arab civilization. Northern Jerash and the capital city of Amman boast numerous Roman ruins. Nature reserves comprise gorges and desert lowlands, including the reserve at Mujib, the world’s lowest at 410 meters below sea level, near the Dead Sea and home to some 300 plant species. Photo: Treasury at Petra
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Tell us little about your interest
This is really nice to see the all post from community members and "I personally want to extend my thanks to  each member for such a valuable effort". i have started this thread to know the interest area of members rather than travelling .So who is the first ?